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Below you can find the Conference Center location and the potential hotels you can book nearby. For easily booking, you can check the OnlyLyon site.




You can find this same plan at the Conference Center webpage. Finally, if you'd like to stay in the city center, several neighborhoods are easily accessible by bus, bike or walking (but please, check the itinerary before booking). Below are some of the most iconic Lyon neighborhoods (you can also find this information in the Turism tab - be aware the following neighborhoods are a bit noisy at night!).

  • The ‘Vieux Lyon’ (old Lyon) district:
  • Fourvière Hill (the ‘praying hill’) and its basilica (19th century)
  • Saint-Jean Cathedral, Saint-Georges and Saint-Paul churches
  • the charm of narrow renaissance streets, courtyards and traboules (hidden passageways through buildings connecting streets)
  • The ‘Croix-Rousse’ district: the ‘working hill’, home to the silk-workers (‘canuts’) of Lyon in the nineteenth century
  • Traboules and stairs in the ‘pentes’ (slopes of the hill)
  • Silk-weaving workshops (30.000 silk weavers used to live in Lyon the 19th century)
  • Ruins of the ‘Trois-Gaules‘ amphitheater
  • The ‘Presqu’île’ district: beating heart of Lyon that lies between the Rhône and Saône rivers, where the city’s main restaurants, theaters, shopping streets
  • Place des Terreaux
  • Opéra of Lyon 
  • Mural of the famous Lyonnais
  • Passage de l’Argue
  • Place des Jacobins
  • Grand Hôtel-Dieu


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