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We have maintained the ISS Holobiont 2022 despite the ongoing pandemic and have taken the following actions to limit virus spreading:

  1. The Centre de Congrès in Lyon is a large conference center allowing for safe social distancing while maintaining the event.
  2. Masks are strongly recommended inside the Centre de Congrès and recommended outside in crowded places. Surgical and FFP2 masks will be available to participants.
  3. A proof of full vaccination scheme (according to the local law) or negative covid19 test is necessary to enter the Centre de Congrès. We will provide one antigen test per person, to be performed before the gala dinner. Please refer to the instructions for use.



  • In case you are tested positive, please fill the contact tracing form. Take care, we hope that you will recover quickly!
  • To promote research studying the risk of COVID-19 spread at large gatherings and find out which factors influence the spread, a research group at the Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization and the University of Lübeck (Viola Priesemann, André Calero Valdez, Jens Friedel, Lilian Kojan and Emil Iftekhar) propose you to fill a survey.



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